“We all have a candle to bring to the night,”

“We all have a candle to bring to the night,” this line from the poem, Keepers of The Light, by John Evan Carson, expresses perfectly how CBA Publishing Services, LLC feels about its authors.

Since its invention in 3200 BC, it is writing that is considered the most important development to humanity’s progress. It is writing that makes all other inventions possible and it is the transmission and accumulation of knowledge and experience that has given us the world we live in today.

CBA is proud to be a part of this important legacy in all of its forms and help others participate in the shared human experience found in the unique creations of our authors; each one bringing their own candle to the night.
Theresa Hanvey Fallwell
Theresa Hanvey Fallwell, originally from Madison County, Alabama, is currently a retired teacher living in Katy, Texas. She enjoys writing and finds inspiration in the people and places of her youth. As a teacher of more than 40 years, she first started story writing to pique her students’ interest and practice specific comprehension skills. From there she progressed to grant writing and curriculum development for the U.S. Department of Education. She has received numerous awards for writing and teaching including runner up to the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year Award.

Mrs. Fallwell is mother to Gwen and Patrick and grandmother to Bryce, Abbey, Claire, Christie, and several dogs. When she is not doing grandma duties, she loves to quilt, take long walks, read good books, cook, and do genealogy work. Her favorite activity is to return to Alabama to rekindle old relationships and experience the very visceral reaction produced by the absolute beauty of the area she calls home, despite being gone for more than fifty years.

Alexis Heflin
Alexis Heflin lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama. A popular local author, she has appeared on television, radio and in magazine and newspaper articles. Her previous versions of Mississippi Whispers have sold in the tens of thousands. The story has now been released retold as a novel written with Author John E. Carson.

“Your company does beautiful work! People from all over love the new book. You’ve touched a lot of people about this cold case that has yet to be solved, but with your support, faith, and prayers, we have come a long way.” – Alexis Heflin

John E. Carson
John E. Carson has been writing since the age of 14. One of ten children, he went to work at an early age to help his struggling parents. Now, after forty years, he has realized his lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

Beginning in 1999, with his song, Deep of the Night, recorded by singer/entertainer Charlie Roth, John has continued publishing poems and stories. He has reached an ever widening audience and broke into national print in Ideals Books in 2005 with his poem, Painting in Thread, and in 2006 with his first published novel, Ramblin’ Rose and the Internet Newsletter, published by Aspirations Media Inc. In addition to his poems on display at many venues, he has received two 5 star book reviews from Midwest Book Review for his works.

John lives with his wife and co-author, Marlene Rose, who joined forces with him in 1973 and immediately began to encourage his writing. She became his inspiration, and her ideas and expertise proved to be a vital element in creating many of their published works.

Parents to two children, and grandparents to four, John and Marlene moved from Monticello, Minnesota and now live in Huntsville, Alabama with their dog Mr. Freckles. A member of the American Legion Post 237 Honor Guard, John has been continually published since March of 2016 in the Old Huntsville Magazine and teaches Creative Writing at the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center. 


Tom Carney
Tom Carney is one of the most prolific writers of the Tennessee Valley. He has had over 600 of his works published in magazines, books, newspapers and periodicals. In addition, his stories have been featured on numerous radio and television shows across the country. Mr. Carney has always written under pseudonyms and this book marks the first time he has been published under his own name.

Thank you, thank you. You are talented, professional, responsive ladies and I am so proud to be working with you.” – Cathey Carney, Old Huntsville Magazine

Cameron Nickels
Cameron is a bit of an enigma with CBA. We do not know much about him so we will share what he submitted for his ‘About the Author’.

“I am the Last Writer

I am here to warn you. 
We are racing toward a future that is already here. 
Be awake. 
Be aware. 
Be vigilant. 
And stay human.”

Patricia Ann Woolfork
Patricia Ann (Trishann) is a our first CBA Cares imprint author. She is a brilliant writer with the ability to bring deep concepts and dark matter into the light. We are looking forward to the upcoming release Savoring Eden! Releasing January 2019. More info to come on this new author.

“I am so psyched about that cover! I could never thank you enough. You got me in one fell swoop. It tells my story in pictures and still keeps them guessing.” – Patricia Ann Woolfork, Savoring Eden