CBA Publishing Services has always been led with our hearts. Many of the projects we have worked on support organizations and causes that are making important changes in this world. We empower our clients to get their messages out to the world, and we support where our hearts lead us.  Please take some time to learn about the causes close to our hearts and learn about ways you can make an impact.

As an evolution of our Team leading with our hearts we have launched a new imprint!

CBA Cares is an imprint of CBA Publishing Services, LLC. CBA Cares is a unique hybrid publishing house that aims to help bring incredible works to reality from those that may not have been able to otherwise. This is a very limited program and we are excited to announce we have just laucnhed the very first CBA Cares book release “Savoring Eden”.

We are currently not seeking applications for the CBA Cares program, however look for us to announce another submitting opportunity in 2019!

Patricia Ann Woolfork

The Garden of Eden, considered to be mythological by most scholars, exists all around us as we travel through life, but so too does the serpent that caused our expulsion from paradise and follows wherever we go, rearing its evil head, poisoning our solus, stealing our innocence and self-worth, slaying our hearts and violating and abusing our bodies.

For all those whose joy has been choked in its tightly coiled grip, all who have suffered pain and abuse, all who have lost sight of the paradise we live in and the peace it holds, this book offers a roadmap; a way back to that not so mythical place that can only be found when we free ourselves from the choking grasp of the snake and shut out the whispers of its forked tongue.

As the poet John Milton said in Paradise Lost, “Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the Light.”

Let Trishann’s poetic observations and introspective journey help guide you on your way.

“In ‘Savoring Eden’ the reader finds remarkable outpouring of beautiful tales in poems and prose that evoke the wide range of emotions and imagery statement with which we can all identify.  They remind us of the beauty, pain, struggle and challenge that is to be human.”

Thomas J. Sandy, PsyD.  HSV, AL

“I could never thank you enough. You got me in one fell swoop. It tells my story in pictures and still keeps them guessing.” – Patricia Ann Woolfork

It is our mission to collaboratively build ethical services with heart, while maintaining the highest standards.