CBA House Publishing
Traditional Publishing: A basic definition, a publishing company buys the rights to produce a manuscript.

When most people think of getting published they are thinking of Traditional Publishers. This is where a Publisher will accept submissions, select a manuscript and offer to buy rights to produce from the Author. This is usually best suited for mass market aimed releases and requires heavy printer minimum investment and large distribution reach. A royalty is often negotiated as part of this agreement and the Publisher makes the decisions on design, marketing, and distributions.  Many houses are moving towards a Hybrid model to share risk and investment with an Author who wishes to maintain some control.

CBA is a Hybrid and Production House Publisher however; we do have a curated catalog of releases that fall closer to Traditional Publishing (CBA House). For these releases CBA has acquired the rights and produces the book from company funds and resources. Authors that want to remain in control of rights and design will often be best suited for a Hybrid or Production Publishing methods. 
A CBA House Release
The Last Writer is an example of a CBA House release. Using Traditional Publishing method, this is a curated release where CBA acquired the rights to produce, publish, and sell and the Author receives a royalty for sold copies.  CBA does not offer Offset Printing in most cases, and even for our CBA House releases we will use a Print on Demand method for print and distribution.

Bring Your Book To Life And To Market With CBA Production House Publishing Services. Edit, Design, Publish. We Have The Experience And Team Assembled To Help You Self Publish.
Have An Amazing Story To Tell? Need To Develop Your Project With Co-Writing, Ghostwriting, Or Other Partnerships Then CBA’s Hybrid House Publishing Services Are A Great Option.
While CBA Is Not A Traditional Publisher, Rather A Publishing Services Company, We Do Release Some Books As A House Publisher. We Are Not Seeking Outside Manuscripts Or Authors To Sign For House Publishing At This Time.
CBA Cares is an imprint of CBA Publishing Services, LLC. CBA Cares is a unique hybrid publishing house that aims to help bring incredible works to reality from those that may not have been able to. This is a very limited program and demonstrates how the CBA Team leads with our hearts and stands out in the publishing world.