The Self Publishing journey involves 5 primary categories of publishing services. Editing, Layout, Design, Marketing and Promotion
We offer customized packages to suit your needs and goals, to help you get your book to market and beyond.
    Here’s an overview of our process.   
  1. To begin your journey you will review your project with our Business Development Manager and/or our Editor In Chief. We will discuss your project as a development team and provide a quote for services up front with no hidden costs. 
  2. After we come to agreement on services, costs, and timelines we will send you the publishing and design agreement forms. Our agreements are Author and Artist first as we are partnering with you to help you get your book to market. You retain rights to your book unless specifically documented for special cases.
  3. Once the Agreement is signed and down payment received we begin working on your book. Our team meets beforehand to ensure we are all on the same page to create a cohesive, beautiful result.
  4. Editing process begins.
  5. Design process begins.
  6. Development drafts and proofs are sent and revised for final approvals.
  7. We then assign an ISBN, Barcode, Ansi as needed and send cover art and interior file to the chosen printer or eBook market.
  8. Once ready with printer you can announce launch and location of where to purchase your book. Most often chosen is Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or direct sell by the Author.
  9. The chosen marketing assets and promotion assets are sent to help give you a great launch.
  10. Receive your unique, professionally finished book and get ready to share it!

We use unique covers developed specific for your book. Common Packages Include

  • Front, Spine, Back
  • eBook Cover Version
  • 3D View of Cover
  • Image Title Block
  • Social Media Release Ad
Copy Editing

A great story should not get lost in the copy. A professional review and edit will ensure your message is delivered clearly and correctly. Copy Editing looks for grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization and polishes your words. Our editing service may also include catching logic and chronology inconsistencies, and redundancies to ensure a reader ready document.

We create professional pages that are a delight to read. Whether for print or eBooks, layout is a very important element and carries the voice of your book throughout the readers journey. Layout is much more than margins and fonts. We are readers ourselves and will deliver a beautiful reader experience.
Marketing & Promotion
We will discuss your goals, your audience, and methods of reaching them. From there we will recommend Marketing & Promotion items support your launch and marketing strategy. Some items available are:
  • Social Media Ad Images, Banners, Accounts
  • Book Store Seller Sheet
  • Post Cards
  • Posters
  • Vinyl Event Banner for signings
  • Promo Merchandise

Trusting a service with your book is something we earn, and cherish. We are not a typical publishing services company. 
Publishing, Editing, Writing, Design are all businesses and not great as a hobby. There is a lot of work and a steep learning curve in this industry, rights, markets, printers, legal, software and much more. With CBA Publishing Services we are here to bring YOUR book to market. We are different, we have heart, and we are upfront on our charges, agreements, and capabilities.  Some important things to know about working with CBA:

  • You keep royalties yourself for all production house services
  • No bait and switch
  • We are a Self Publishing Service and here to help you succeed
  • We help bring your book to market with editing, layout, design, marketing, and consulting services
  • We design unique covers for you fitting of the genre and style
  • We offer full editing services for your manuscript
  • We offer beautiful design services that match marketing assets with your cover design style giving you a stronger brand voice
  • We use fair pricing that is based on the current Writer Market Guide

“First class production and design by dedicated and experienced team. I trust them with my work; they do not disappoint.”

John E. Carson – Author of Scruffy

I got my book today, your Dad dropped it off. Of course I cried, Tom would be so proud. It’s just beautiful, professional, excellent quality, heavy, the color is so pretty and the design/font/color/picture on back and front covers just perfect. The inside weight/color & ink is just the best. Easy to read, the clip art illustrations I love, the page numbering on the bottom, I knew it would be good but it exceeds my hopes for Tom’s book. I can think of NOTHING that I would have requested to be different. So happy and thrilled to let my friends know, even some family members didn’t know we were working on this.

Cathey Carney – Regarding “The Way It Was”

Bring Your Book To Life And To Market With CBA Production House Publishing Services. Edit, Design, Publish. We Have The Experience And Team Assembled To Help You Self Publish.
Have An Amazing Story To Tell? Need To Develop Your Project With Co-Writing, Ghostwriting, Or Other Partnerships Then CBA’s Hybrid House Publishing Services Are A Great Option.
While CBA Is Not A Traditional Publisher, Rather A Publishing Services Company, We Do Release Some Books As A House Publisher. We Are Not Seeking Outside Manuscripts, Nor Authors To Sign For House Publishing At This Time.
CBA Cares is an imprint of CBA Publishing Services, LLC. CBA Cares is a unique hybrid publishing house that aims to help bring incredible works to reality from those that may not have been able to. This is a very limited program and demonstrates how the CBA Team leads with our hearts and stands out in the publishing world.