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About CBA:
CBA Publishing Services, LLC was founded on a single guiding principle; creating better authors. John E. Carson has been writing his entire life and has many published novels, poems, and short stories. His writing career developed into a desire to teach and help other authors grow and go to market. John began teaching creative writing classes which continue today and he is now also our President of Business Development.

In 2016 the publishing co-op Carson Brown Associates was formed to offer author’s services in the more technical aspects of getting their works to market. This co-op provided layout, writing, editing, and design services and led the way for greater things to come.

In 2018 Carson Brown Associates officially launched as a publishing services company as CBA Publishing Services, LLC. Today we offer tools for you to create your book and offer it in the on demand printing marketplaces and available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if you choose. We have expanded our professional services to include ghostwriting, co-writing, editing, layout, cover design, marketing assets, eBook, production publishing, and hybrid publishing, which are offered in our CBA publishing house catalog of products.

However CBA assists, you will find this entire team is led with our hearts and create products and services we are proud to stand by. We are based in Huntsville, AL with our design offices in Atlanta, GA.

About CBA Cares:

CBA Publishing Services has always been led with our hearts. Many of the projects we have worked on support organizations and causes that are making important changes in this world. We empower our clients to get their messages out to the world, and we support where our hearts lead us. Please take some time to learn about the causes close to our hearts and learn about ways you can make an impact.

As an evolution of our Team leading with our hearts we have launched a new imprint!

CBA Cares is an imprint of CBA Publishing Services, LLC. CBA Cares is a unique hybrid publishing house that aims to help bring incredible works to reality from those that may not have been able to otherwise. This is a very limited program and we are excited to announce we have just launched the very first CBA Cares book release “Savoring Eden”.

2019 Special cbapub.com Exclusive CBA Cap featuring our new square logo!

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Cap Features:
cbapub.com Exclusive - Charcoal Grey
Center Front Embroidery with new square CBA Logo for 2019
100% poly
Unstructured, low profile design
Self-fabric closure with antique pewter buckle and grommet with OGIO logo
Slight sandwich brim with OGIO logo
OGIO seam taping, rivet and rubber patch

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Special Edition 2019 CBA CAP Special Edition 2019 CBA CAP Special Edition 2019 CBA CAP